TiBB News Prime10 (titled as TiBB News Prime10 Weekend for its weekend broadcasts since 8 September 2018, and Grand Soir for its French language broadcasts since 9 February 2018) is the flagship weekly internet television news programme of TiBB News, the news division of the TiBB1 and CeBB3 networks in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and France. Since 2016, its weekday broadcasts have been presented by Josiah Stuart.


The programme started airing in February 2016, after TiBB News rebranded itself to its current name; and started broadcasting videos. Josiah Stuart has been anchoring the broadcast since its inception.

TiBB News: Live at 6:30Edit

From the time it was first broadcast until 13 January 2016, it aired as the second half of a national/regional hybrid 1 hour programme. The programme was given a look that gave no on-air references to its name. When the summer of 2016 began, rumours started to circulate that co-creator and future Veggie Brother t6 housemate Laetitia Aux-Sept would replace Josiah at the end of the summer. However, these rumours were false; as Josiah stated that Laetitia would fill-in for him if he was either on assignment, or ill. Then, at the beginning of January 2017; it was announced that the programme would get renamed under its current title on 20 January 2017, and that it would be re-scheduled for 10pm ET on Friday nights.

TiBB News TonightEdit

TiBB News Tonight Title Card
TiBB News Tonight Title Card - May 2017

On 20 January 2017, TiBB News Tonight will go live with its new look and name and at its new time. The broadcast is also to be expanded to Saturdays and Mondays, this was confirmed by TiBB Networks on 19 January 2017; 24 hours before the relaunch. Laetitia Aux-Sept is deputy anchor, and will also anchor the Saturday editions from 21 January 2017.

Since 26 May 2017, the show was given the new graphical rebrand of TiBB News. In two changes, the narrator was removed; and in the title card, it does not specify who is anchoring until the title card ends and until the anchor Twitter handle graphic is seen on the in-studio big screen. This was further modified with the logo and graphical refresh in May 2018 (which was later moved forward to 20 January 2018), as the broadcast's full name was reinstated in the titles; along with the anchor names (excluding dual-anchored editions and special editions). It was also announced that effective immediately on 21 January 2018, the broadcast would expand to seven days. Effective immediately on 9 February 2018, TiBB News Tonight would also be broadcast at 10:30pm ET in French as Grand Soir.

TiBB News Prime10Edit

On 7 September 2018, due to another rebrand of TiBB Networks and TiBB News; new graphics, much akin to the newscasts on France 2, France 3, and Franceinfo were introduced. It was also announced effective immediately that TiBB News Tonight would be rebranded as TiBB News Prime10.



  • Josiah Stuart (TiBB News: Live at 6:30; TiBB News Tonight; TiBB News Prime10, since 19 February 2016)


  • Laetitia Setúbal (Saturdays, since 21 January 2017; Sundays, since 21 January 2018;
    Weekday deputy, since 3 June 2016)

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