LDN is the on-air name used by TiBB1 in London and South East England.


LDN was formed on 12 February 2016 as the on-screen brand for London and the South East, as most of the regions separated from Granada to create their own on-air regions. The region name is named after the mobile phone abbreviation for London. In some on-air continuity announcements, the region is sometimes called TiBB1 LDN. In 2017, due to the new look of TiBB1; LDN and its sister region, The Point; got new logos. The new logo from 2018 is based off of the new logo for WFAA in Dallas, Texas; with the play button prominently featured.

In June 2018, about 15% of the staff for LDN (including some Veggie Brother ex-housemates) had either been fired or had quit due to the voting controversy related to the TiBB Eurovision Song Contest 2018, and had started up TiBB1's first competitor LNZ.


LDN is based in London whilst its control room operations are both in London and in the studios of The Point, LDN's sister region in the United States.


The services' on-air identity is a mixture of the national and regional TiBB1 idents, plus a custom regional ident with a cityscape of London.

However, the endboard shown in the region is the national endboard; with the caption A LDN Production, for TiBB1.


LDN itself produces The Mole and co-produces LIVEWIRE, the TiBB Eurovision and Christmasvision Song Contests, and the TiBB Podcast. It produces regional news and weather from its studios in London and Pittsburgh.

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